Aug 16, 2019

Mind Changers

Many self proclaimed and real experts have once told us and sold us that these items are either good or bad for us. In fact each of the following have gone from good to bad or from bad to good and a few changed back again.

They include: artificial colors green 1, orange 1, red 1,2,4,32, butter, chocolate, cigarettes, coffee, cyclamates, eggs, nuts, red meat, red wine, salt, saturated fats, sugar, potatoes, carbohydrates, whole milk, coconut oil, baby aspirin, paper bags, plastic bags, quaaludes, thalidomide, and toilet paper.

If something becomes a super fad, just wait for a while and the "experts" will change their mind. Think gluten hype and the less than one percent of people who are celiac sufferers.

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