Oct 11, 2019

Screen Casting vs. Mirroring

Screen Casting vs. Mirroring - Screen Mirroring and Screen Casting are often used interchangeably, but they are different.
With Screen Mirroring, everything you see on your smartphone, including streaming services, apps, videos, web pages, and other content on your TV. In addition to content, the smartphone's menu bars and status icons appear on your TV.
Casting involves showing just the chosen content shows on to your TV screen, no phone menu bars or status icons. If a smartphone app is compatible with casting, such as YouTube or Netflix, the Cast Logo

will appear near the top of your smartphone screen of the app you want to cast.

As content plays, you can perform other tasks on your phone at the same time including finding other content to cast, make a phone call, or turn the phone off. The casted content will play on the TV until you change to another app, channel, or setting on the TV.

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