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Jan 22, 2010

Economic Recovery

Here is an interesting site that shows where the recovery money is being spent. It shows many of the projects funded by the ARRA. Interesting that, as of today, it is last updated last year. Still, it is a fun read if you want to scare yourself with details or where your tax dollars are being spent, like waterless latrines in Arkansas and a picnic shelter at Turkey Point Park in Kansas.

A good deal were for construction projects as they were supposed to be, but pork always finds its way in. A few more goodies, $5 million and another $1.75 million, the Jennie-o Turkey Store, MN, (the only description for both is "small turkey deli breasts". $3 million to Accenture to help construct a data warehouse for the Farm Service Agency. $707,000 to increase demand for the National Health Service. $90 million to Leland Stanford University to develop 3 x-ray instruments. $27.9 million for "The purpose of this procurement is to obtain the services of a broadband industry consultant to implement the statutory requirements of the American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Act of 2009."

Especially interesting are the amounts to outlying areas, such as the $2 Billion to Puerto Rico, $93 million to the Virgin Islands, $78,000 to the American Samoa Coalition against domestic and sexual violence (that is a real jobs booster). Guam received money for Catholic Social Services, Salvation Army, Guam coalition against social assault, Soroptimist Club of Guam, an organization of business women, and more. Seems some folks like pork more than I do.