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Jan 29, 2016

Happy Anniversary Al Gore

Bad News: It’s been 10 years since Al Gore predicted in “An Inconvenient Truth,” we had just 10 years to save the planet. I think we are still here.

Nov 12, 2009

Al Gore

The self-proclaimed, and debunked 'inventor of the internet' now wants his organization, the Alliance for Climate Protection, to support creating a .eco domain to promote environmental causes.

The idea comes from Dot Eco LLC, which claims they will donate some of the cash from registration fees of .eco web addresses to green initiatives. Dot Eco plans to file an application for the .eco top-level domain later this year with ICANN, the non-profit organization that coordinates website names.

Problem is, they have not yet been able to define what the criteria is for distributing the web addresses. Even with his Nobel, he can't seem to define 'eco' anything.