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Jun 23, 2017

Three Strange Job Illnesses

Chimney Sweep's Cancer, also called soot wart, and chimney sweep's scrotum is a squamous cell carcinoma of the skin of the scrotum.  Warts caused by the irritation from soot particles, if not excised, developed into a scrotal cancer, then enlarged the testicle and proceeded up the spermatic cord into the abdomen where it proved fatal. It is the first reported form of occupational cancer, and was first identified during 1775. It was initially noticed as being prevalent among chimney sweeps.

Bagpiper's Fungus - Bagpipes are made of sheepskin traditionally coated in treacle or honey on the lining to keep it airtight. The inside is sticky, dark and damp, making it a breeding ground for spores and fungus. Pipers breath in those bacteria and develop pneumonia, respiratory infections, and more.

Wool Sorter's Disease - this condition usually afflicts those working with wool, like sheep shearers. What the name doesn't suggest is just how bad this disease actually is. The more common name is anthrax. A person can contract meningitis, high fever, and severe abdominal pain before finally suffering a fatal respiratory collapse - all from breathing in the bacteria hidden in sheep's wool.