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Nov 21, 2014

Holiday Home Hacks

Remove permanent marker by using toothpaste on it.
A Lint roller is perfect to dust your lampshades with.
Use bread, or a damp paper towel, or play-doh to pick up broken glass or spilled glitter.
Cut a grapefruit and add salt to clean stubborn tub dirt before company arrives.
Wrap your light strings around a hangar to keep them from getting all tangled.
Make a Christmas tree from jello shots to keep the fun going. You can use orange jello for Thanksgiving.

Jan 8, 2013

Christmas Tree Reuse

The last seasonal item from the holidays comes from a team of researchers  in Allahabad, India that are in the process of developing a compound derived from the needles of the Douglas fir to help coat nano medical devices and combat infection.

One of the largest hurdles for biomedical devices is that bacteria invade implant sites, prosthetics, and tissues. The bionanocomposite from the Douglas fir could potentially cover implants and ward off microbial growth. Combining an extract from from the Douglas fir needles with silver nitrate solution, the team has created silver nanoparticles that can make a coating. The needle extract serves as a natural chemical reducing agent that converts silver ions in the nitrate solution into tiny nanoscopic silver metal particles