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Oct 27, 2018

Discount Store Tidbits

Sam's Club - A former worker says on his blog that a price ending in 1 means it is a sale price, and that the letter on the top right of the shelf tag can give you even more valuable info. If it is an A or an N that means it is something they always carry and always try to have in stock. Something with a C means it's a canceled item they are going to get rid of, so you can definitely watch for this one to go on clearance. An S means it is a seasonal item and might only be there for a short time, but it is the O that is hugely important. That means it is a one-time buy, so once it is gone, it's gone. Stock up on this one if you find something you like, because it is not coming back.

Because of existing laws, Sam's and Costco, you do not need to be a member to buy booze and wine, also pharmacy and food court.

Lidl - It should be pronounced leedle. After Josef Schwarz died in 1977, his son Dieter bought the rights to his partner Ludwig Lidl's name for 1,000 Marks. He wisely did he not use his family's own name, because ‘Schwarz Markt' would have meant ‘black market'.

Mar 9, 2018

Costco Ink Refills

Bring any supported, empty cartridges to the Photo Center at your local Costco. Your cartridge will be refilled while you shop. The system cleans, refills, and tests your cartridge. Receive your quality inkjet refill in an hour. Cost varies by location, but is cheaper than new cartridges.

Sep 8, 2017

Costco Liquor Facts

Costco is the US largest wine seller.

In many states, like Texas you do not need to have a membership to buy liquor.
It sells more bottles of Dom Perignon champagne than any other store in the country.

Costco brand wine, beer, and liquor is Kirkland.

Costco's Kirkland brand vodka scored higher than Grey Goose in blind tastings and its water comes from the same region in France.

May 19, 2017

Two Amazing Costco Facts

Costco sells over 100 million hot dogs a year, according to the Daily Meal. That is more than all the major league baseball parks combined sell in an entire season. I also think they are better dogs than sold in many of the stadiums, and they are cheaper.

 It is also one of the largest pizza chains in the US.

Apr 29, 2016

Costco Savings Tips

If there is an asterisk * on a Costco price tag, that means the item will not be restocked and what you see is the last in the store. So if your favorite seasonal product is marked with an asterisk, it is time to buy enough to last you till next year.

A plus sign + on the sign means the item is discontinued.

Costco is a great place to visit for end-of-season sales. At the end of summer, Costco does major markdowns of large seasonal items like patio furniture and pool toys to free up room for the next season’s products.

Costco's food court charges $1.50 for a hot dog and drink, and $1.99 for a slice of pizza. Costco is actually the 14th-largest pizza chain in the US.

Costco's prices are coded. If an item ends with $0.99, it is regularly priced merchandise. Items ending with $0.97 have been marked down (usually also has an asterisk), meaning you are probably getting more for your money. If you see a price tag ending in $0.88 or an even dollar, those are usually local markdowns by a manager trying to get rid of a product. Other cents, such as 59, 69, 79, etc. is a special offer from the manufacturer, it reflects competitive pricing over other discount retailers.

Costco sends out an employee to comparison shop to make sure the warehouse is the lowest price on certain foods and big ticket items. They drive around town for two days filling out a clipboard of hundreds of items for comparison.

Costco locations sell restaurant gift cards, movie tickets, and other deals that allow you to get Costco-style discounts at local retailers. Some national deals: $100 worth of Cold Stone Creamery gift cards for $69.99 and a ten-pack of Regal Entertainment movie tickets for $89.99.

You can shop at Costco without a member card if you use a gift card, so you can ask a friend with a membership to get you a gift card and go shopping.

Costco, like Sams, does not offer bags. If you do not want cardboard box, bring your own bags.

Feb 13, 2015

Good to Know Costco

You can go to Costco and buy alcohol without a membership. Also, you can fill prescriptions and get shots at their pharmacy, eat at the food court, get your eyes checked, and use a Costco gift card bought for you by a member.