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Apr 5, 2013

Bruce Lee's Speed

If you think a hurricane wind  has speed, one man was possibly faster. Bruce Lee was challenged by a man who had a grudge against him and Lee agreed to fight the man who practiced karate and had a black belt in judo.

The fight was to be three two-minute rounds and held at the YMCA handball court. Jesse Glover was the referee and Ed Hart was the time keeper.

The fight started and Lee deflected an initial kick with his right forearm and simultaneously punched the man in the face with his left hand. He deflected a couple more punches and landed several of his own until he had the man pinned against the wall.

The man tried to grab Lee’s arm, but instead he received a double fist punch to the chest and face by Lee and then a kick to the nose. The man’s nose started bleeding, he was knocked out by the kick, and Glover stopped the fight.

Ed Hart said the fight lasted exactly 11 seconds and Lee landed 15 punches and a kick. A well known fact is that they had to slow down the speed for some movie scenes because Lee's actions were too quick.