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Jun 7, 2013

Robot Grill Cleaner

Grillbot sits on your dirty grill and cleans it. Just press a button to set the amount of time you want it clean and place it on a hot or cold grill. A built in alarm tells you if the grill is too hot for the device. A built-in mini-LCD screen lets you to choose a light or deep clean.

Three motors power three wire brushes. The brushes should be good for one complete BBQ season and are replaceable. The Grillbot comes with a rechargeable battery pack, charger, AC adapter and a hanging storage case. Something to consider for Father's Day

Jun 18, 2011

Father's Day Gift

If anyone has been wondering what to buy me for Father's Day, I have a suggestion from Beafeater. LINK

This grill is 24-carat gold plated and has six-burners, wok burner, convection roasting hood and warming rack, quartz start ignition, vaporizer grid and reflector system It also comes with a lifetime warranty. It is a perfect device for cooking up bacon wrapped, cheese filled hot dogs. Mmmm!