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Jul 25, 2014

Hologram Shopping

Lowe's may not provide printed 3d keys yet, but it is entering the digital age in a big way. The Lowe's Holoroom is a home improvement simulator which applies augmented reality to provide homeowners an intuitive, immersive experience in the room of their dreams. It was introduced to stores in Toronto in June, 2014 and equipped with thousands of products to help customers plan a bathroom remodel or refresh project.

Customers begin by choosing their preferred products on a pad device before viewing and experiencing those products in the Holoroom. While in the Holoroom, they can make changes to the room design or finalize their plan. A take-home link allows customers to view a 3-D model of their room at home, and share the model with family and friends by downloading a free app available on smartphones.

The concept is to let customers use a pad to create the room, adding features, textures, tiles, counters, etc., then walk around a physical space set up in the store to view it as if they are in the actual room. They can look down into the sink to see the texture and drain or up to see a light fixture.

Lowes plans to expand additional living spaces in the future, including the kitchen and outdoor living. It is also envisioned to eventually let people do the same thing in their own home, then click to buy everything needed to make that room a reality. Cool technology, from hammers to holograms. Seems to me this might be a perfect application for an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset device.