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Sep 19, 2014

Annual Rainfall

While checking a city and looking at annual rainfall can be interesting, it may not be informative. For instance, Houston, Texas gets 49 inches of rain annually, which is more rain than Seattle, which gets only 38 inches of annual rainfall. The key difference is Seattle has a relatively high amount of days per year with relatively light rain, 158 vs. Houston with 104 rainy days. Seattle also has 226 cloudy days per year.

Jun 20, 2014

Beware Hot Spots

Comcast is doing something different, adding your router output as free WiFi to others passing by. It is also an opt-out solution, which means it is enabled by default and you need to turn it off. It also does not pay you for this use by others.

Comcast is quietly turning on public hotspots in its customers’ routers and turning private homes into public hotspots. Other Comcast customers get free Wi-Fi wherever there is a Comcast box and the company gets to build out a private network to compete with telecoms, but using your resources.

Fifty thousand users with basic modems that Comcast cable provides have already been turned into public hotspots in Houston, and there are plans to enable 150,000 more.

It is using your private residence as a corporate resource and using your electricity, your Internet connection, and potentially opening up your private browsing to hackers. Comcast says these two streams are independent, but that has never stopped hackers. There is also nothing to stop someone from downloading illicit material, software, and other junk from your hotspot, implicating you if caught. Remember, if there is a line out, that means there is also a line in. Caveat Emptor Comcast users.

May 4, 2012

Houston, TX Art Car Parade

On May 12, Houston, Texas will be hosting its 25th art car parade.

It features weird and funny cars. Here is a LINK to previous winners.