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Sep 21, 2012

Top Ten Toys of All Time

There is minimal agreement on the top toys of all time among many adults. Some are obviously biased, such as the first poll which includes Star Wars Figures. They have not been in existence long enough to even be considered by others.

Poll 1 Poll 2 Poll 3
1. Hula Hoop 1. Bike 1. G.I. Joe
2. Barbie 2. LEGO 2. Transformers
3. LEGO 3. Teddy Bear 3. LEGO
4. G.I. Joe 4. Crayons 4. Barbie
5. Mr. Potato Head 5. Slinky 5. View-Master
6. Monopoly 6. Ball 6. Bike
7. Star Wars figures 7. Etch A Sketch 7. Cabbage Patch Kids
8. Yo-Yo 8. Yo-Yo 8. Crayons
9. Slinky 9. Barbie 9. Play-doh
10. Wiffle ball, bat 10. Hula Hoop 10. Monopoly

The only 2 toys included on all three lists, in order are LEGO (introduced in 1947) and Barbie (introduced 1959).

I tend to agree with the following list according to another source, which lists the best 5 toys of all time. They are: Stick, Cardboard Box, String, Cardboard Tube, and Dirt. I would add rocks, water, and snow. All have withstood the real test of time, are played with around the world, provide for endless enjoyment and evoke magnificent flights of imagination.

Aug 19, 2009

Hula Hoops

Many of you will remember the hula hoop craze from days gone by. They are still around and still fun. Do you know where they came from?

There was a famous radio and TV personality that was responsible for financing, manufacture, and promotion.The person was very concerned that folks did not find out who was responsible and be swayed by his stardom, but now I'll tell you his name. It was Art Linkletter, star of House Party, and 'Kids say the Darndest Things', and more. Many Terrible Tommy and Dirty Johnny jokes were inspired by his book.