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Apr 18, 2014

Knife Tips

I hesitated to add these tips as most seemed obvious, but after talking to a few friends, decided they are worth mentioning. These tips are for cutting knives, not table knives. Most people have their favorite few knives used for almost all cutting tasks. Two things cause the most damage to knives, moisture and improper use.

  • Keep it dry. After using your knife, rinse and dry to keep rust from beginning to form (yes, even on stainless).
  • Don't put good knives in the dishwasher, wash and dry by hand.
  • Do not let knives air dry.
  • Store in a way that the blades of knifes do not touch anything which could dull them.
  • Use food knives for food only. Keep other knives for other purposes.
  • Sharpen twice a year. Use a wet sharpening stone or a honing steel (instrument for repairing cutting edge.)
  • Use wood cutting board to reduce blade dulling. (Keep peroxide handy in a spray bottle and spray the board after rinsing, to prevent germs.)