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Feb 21, 2014

How Tall are Hollywood Stars

We have all heard Hollywood stars are shorter than they appear on film. Here is a list that proves that to be true.

Snooki is 4'8"
Paula Abdul 5'0"
Reese Witherspoon, Lady Gaga 5'1"
Salma Hayek, Hillary Duff, and Prince 5'2"
Martin Scorsese, Paul Simon 5'3"
Seth Green, Michael J. Fox, Emilio Estevez 5'4"
Dustin Hoffman, Bruno Mars, Daniel Radcliffe, Scott Cann 5'5"
Jon Stewart, Jack Black, Cheech Marin 5'6"
Robert Downey Jr. (or 5'8"), Tom Cruise, Martin Sheen, Ben Stiller 5'7"

Nov 9, 2011

Lady Godiva and Lady Gaga

It just occurred to me that we should send Lady Gaga to Washington and she can do for us what Lady Godiva did for Coventry. Hey, it worked before. I am sure Budweiser would lend her a horse. Then we could decide what to do with our tax money and eliminate the middlemen, who have not been doing a very good job lately.

Sep 24, 2010

New Guinness World Records

Susan Boyle is in the book for the fastest selling debut album. Her debut album sold 411,820 copies in its first week in the UK. She is also listed as the oldest person to reach number one with a debut album. Other singers to make the new edition include Sir Tom Jones, the oldest artist to have a number one single, and Lady Gaga, who was crowned the most searched-for woman on the internet.