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Aug 28, 2015

Organic and Taste

Research in 2013 showed that most people do not know what 'organic' really means. It found people prefer food labelled with ethically named terms like 'organic,' 'fair trade," and 'locally produced' and they actually report that it tastes better, even if the label is totally fake.

The research combined the results of a 4,000-person survey conducted across eight European countries with three experimental studies. Participants were presented with a selection of apple juices, breakfast biscuits, and chocolates. The foods presented were identical, but some were labelled as ethically produced while others were not. For people who had reported that eating ethically is important to them, they not only preferred the mislabeled food, they also thought it tasted better.

The research supports the results of a small Swedish study from 2013 that found people think the same coffee tastes better when they are told it is organic. Sounds like more proof of 'perception is reality'.