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Aug 2, 2019

Networks Sue Over Free Channels

This is amazing. For profit companies are suing a non profit company because it is giving away free access to local TV stations, and because these companies sell the same free stuff to cable companies.
CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox sue Locast, a free, nonprofit TV streaming service for distributing free channels. Locast has been operating since January 2018 without issue. It reaches 35 million homes in 13 cities. Locast says it is an independent nonprofit that provides a public service, and what it does is allowed under copyright law. The networks it streams are also available free to consumers if they have an antenna.

Broadcast TV networks are available for free over the air with an antenna, but selling the rights to retransmit those signals in other ways is a big business. Broadcasters reportedly collected $10.1 billion in 2018 and over $11 billion expected during 2019 via retransmission fees they charge cable and satellite TV companies.
Because companies like NBC, etc., typically charge cable and satellite operators a fee for redistributing their programming, they fear that Locast will erode this revenue stream, because it does not pay them.

Bottom line, for-profit companies are suing a nonprofit company for giving away free the same free channels that they are mandated to give us for free, but they also charge cable companies for. Next they will be coming after us for using an antenna to view those same stations. Yikes!