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Aug 17, 2010

Oyster Herpes

Is nothing free from the effects of global warming? True - National Geographic has found that a new strain of herpes in oysters is supposedly caused by global warming.

The new strain, which is named Ostreid herpesvirus 1 ╬╝var, was first detected in 2008 among breeding Pacific oysters in France. Since then, the virus has wiped out 20 to 100 percent of oysters in the French beds, and this year it appears to have spread to United Kingdom waters too. They say it infects the shellfish during breeding season.

Although reasons behind the recent emergence of herpes in oyster beds across Europe are still a mystery, many researchers have not been surprised to find a correlation with global warming. Hmmm. Does that mean the 20% that didn't get infected were ugly. And what the heck are Pacific oysters doing in France? Maybe those Pacific oysters that caught herpes were just too promiscuous.