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Feb 3, 2020

Pluto and Stirr

If you have a smart TV, or Fire TV, or ROKU, or Android box, or Apple, etc. There are two apps that you need to download, Pluto TV and Stirr. They have a multitude of stations of live TV, live sports, movies, major networks, some local news (depending on location), and more. Hundreds of stations to watch, with many categories, like old TV shows, westerns, mystery, science, horror, etc. They both also have live TV guides that we are all familiar with.
You can download free from Amazon, Google Play, Apple App store, etc. If you have a smart TV and a box, download to both.

The best news is that they are totally free (with ads) just like regular antenna TV. Even after cord cutting, these can provide more entertainment than you are paying for with other services like Apple TV, Fubo, Sling, etc. Save some more money and stay totally entertained. You are welcome!

Incidentally, there are a few new apps that will combine antenna TV guides, Pluto TV guide, and others into one monster TV guide. I will be watching close and let you know when any seem to be viable.

Nov 30, 2019

Pluto TV Free

Pluto TV has been adding new content and now has 244 free channels. It has mostly live TV shows with ads, but also has news, sports, movies, viral videos, cartoons, and more. The streaming service also has on-demand content, but focuses heavily on live TV. If you get bored with your cable or streaming service some evening, try Pluto. You may be pleasantly surprised at all the new free stuff to watch.

The Pluto TV app is available on smart TVs and all the boxes, like Fire TV, Roku, Apple, Chrome, etc.