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Dec 7, 2013

American Brands or Not

Do you know which of these ten brands are American owned?
Lucky Strike, Budweiser, Vaseline, Good Humor, Hellman's (mayonnaise), Purina, French's (condiments), Frigidaire, Popsicle, 7-Eleven

Answer, None.

Lucky Strike, England
Budweiser, Belgium
Vaseline, England
Good Humor, England
Hellman's, England
Purina, Switzerland
French's England
Frigidaire, Sweden
Popsicle, England,
7-Eleven, Japan

Kind of looks like England is buying the US back, one brand at a time. It has made its strike to take our good humor and other things to just rub it in and on us. At least we have Krafted a way with some Mondel─ôz to get back some sweets by taking over Cadbury a few years ago.

May 27, 2011

What's in a Name

Popsicles did not always have that name. The first ice pop came about by accident in 1923. Lemonade salesman Frank Epperson left a glass of lemonade outside one cold night. The next morning he found it frozen solid. After a bit of tinkering, the ice pop was born. He originally named it after himself, the epsicle ice pop.