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Mar 20, 2012

Paint The Town Red

This colorful saying means to spend a wild night out, usually involving drinking. It probably originated on the frontier. In the nineteenth century the section of town where brothels and saloons were located was known as the ‘red light district.’ A group of lusty drunken cowhands out for a night on the town might saw the whole town as red. The saying is still use around the world to mean the same thing, a bawdy area of town. Many foreign city sections got the same name from visiting GIs during their 'tour of duty'.

Jun 8, 2010

Name That Place

A pub is short for public house. It is a place where drinks are sold to be consumed on the premises.
A Tavern is a place where alcohol is served with food.
A Bar is pretty much synonymous with pub, however it also refers to a long bar at which stools are arranged for sitting.
A Saloon is a room with tables where drinks are served rather than at the bar.

A pub, bar and saloon are almost the same thing. All bars are pubs, not all pubs are bars. All saloons are pubs, not all pubs are saloons. Let's go have a drink.