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Feb 5, 2013

SpongeBob Facts

Each of the main characters in SpongeBob Squarepants was inspired by one of the seven deadly sins. These seem to fit the characters.

1. Greed (Mr. Krabs) - Eugene Krabs is constantly thinking of ways to turn a profit, even if it involves taking advantage of his friends or putting them in harmful situations.

2. Envy (Plankton) - Sheldon Plankton owns a struggling restaurant called “The Chum Bucket” and is consumed with the desire to achieve the success of his adversary and steal the Krabby Patty formula.

3. Sloth (Patrick) - In one episode Patrick is given an award for ‘doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else’. He then proceeds go back under his rock to protect his title.

4. Pride (Sandy) - The fact that Sandy Cheeks is from Texas alone should almost suffice for this one. She is a squirrel that is very proud of her heritage. Sandy also takes a great deal of satisfaction in being the only land critter living down in Bikini Bottom among all the fish. Sandy is quick to spout off about the greatness of the Lone Star state or to show off her athleticism in a karate match or a weightlifting contest.

5. Wrath (Squidward) - Squidward Tentacles has no qualms about expressing his negative outlook on life by describing how much he hates his job at the Krusty Krab or through outward disdain for his two obnoxious neighbors. He is portrayed as a general failure who refuses to acknowledge his own personal flaws. He has a sarcastic sense of humor and resentment toward the society that doesn't appreciate his creativity and clarinet skills.

6. Gluttony (Gary) - Gary doesn't do much other than eating and meowing, and the meowing is often due to the fact that he is hungry. Gary was shown eating parts of their couch. In another episode, Gary ran away from home because SpongeBob forgot to feed him for a while. Another time Gary ate a year’s supply of snail food and became morbidly obese.

7. Lust (SpongeBob) - The alternative definition for lust is simply “a passionate desire for something”. In this sense, it cannot be denied that he is an extremely lustful creature. SpongeBob has a lust for life that is incomparable to most other cartoon characters. He yearns for the affections of both friend and foe alike, is eager to please, and will often stop at nothing to complete a task.