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Dec 16, 2016

Santa Con and Santa Run

For over 20 years, many groups of people have dressed up like Santa to participate in annual pub crawls. The Santa Con originated in San Francisco in 1994 and has since spread to over 40 countries and 300 cities around the world.

Santa Runs are a bit different, but just as widespread around the world. Groups of people dress up like Santa and do a 2.5k, 5k run/walk to support various, mostly local charities.

Groups sizes of both vary from the hundreds to thousands of revelers. Both are meant to provide good fun for participants and onlookers. It is not too late for this year. Although many cities have already held their 'runs' and 'cons' there are still a few yet to be enjoyed. Check your local newspapers for details and if you get the chance, join in.

Go ahead get off your butts and have some good clean non-denominational, non-sectarian, non-religious, non racist, non-anti Semitic, non-misogynistic, non-deplorable Holiday fun. Get out there with your friends, make some new friends, get some exercise, and enjoy some fresh air and conversation, away from the TV, Internet, and politics. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or Seasons Greetings - with no other agenda than having some fun for a change.