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Jan 13, 2012

Unwanted Calls

I have begun receiving calls on my cell during the past month and it is irksome. Some texts have also been coming through. It seems the scammers are losing too many home phone numbers as so many people are eliminating them to save money. Now they are attacking cell phones.

There is a web site you can use to look up numbers LINK. It asks for a name, but no email address and you can type in your first name as many folks seem to do. Type in the number and you can see if anyone else has been called, plus details. I have used this before and it has very interesting information. The home page shows examples of comments.

There is also the government National do-not-call Registry, LINK which I signed up for, but it seems some scammers ignore it. I just registered again.

PS - Some scammers call and claim to be from the registry and want to help you sign up. Do not fall for it. Go to the site and sign up for free directly.