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Dec 16, 2011


Here is a web site that shows obituaries for the whole country. LINK  You can look up hundreds of newspapers from the US and abroad. You can look up by time period. You can even set up a reminder for the name you are searching, so that when a person dies, you can receive a notice. It has funeral home locators, and many more features. This sounds a bit morbid, but I know some folks are interested in relatives that live far away and may not have any other way of finding out.

One featured item was that Alan Sues, from the 1960s "Laugh In" show, passed away last week at age 85.

Before I write about stuff, I usually like to try it, so I did. Here is the answer that came back from my search, "We're sorry, there are no obituary search results for 'shubnell'." Don't know why they were sorry, I was delighted.

Nov 26, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless Self Promotion - Last year I promised that I would put all my Friday Thoughts for the year in a book. I have been very busy until lately, but have finally managed to finish a book with all of the  2010 Friday Thoughts and another from 2009. Bloginalia 2010 and bloginalia 2009 are available on Amazon now. These facts never grow old, so don't let the title throw you.

In addition, Bloginalia 2011 will be out no later than February, as I have been adding to it weekly. Anyway, if you want a whole collection of interesting tidbits and facts to read while you are having a bacon sandwich, these might be just for you. Fun stuff and great Christmas stocking stuffers for kids and adults of any age. They will also be available on Kindle for those who need a bit of light reading while on the go. Thanks

Nov 12, 2011

Unelectum All

I am so excited. It is official! My latest (45th) book "Unelectum All" is available on Amazon, Barnes, etc. The stores do not yet stock it, but it can be ordered at the counter. The title says it all. Obviously it is political and is packed with facts, figures, and quotes from some of the good, bad, and ugly politicians that we are responsible for voting into office. This is all tempered with my opinions and a bit humor thrown in. We can correct our errors next year by serving up our own form of term limits - not re-electing any incumbent from either party.

Amazon has the 'search inside' feature turned on, so you can take a peek before you buy a few dozen for Christmas gifts. LINK With each gift you make three people happy, the receiver, me, and yourself for being such a good person. Thanks!