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Jan 22, 2016

Smart Light Bulbs

The next big deal may be the smart bulb. Sony last week launched a connected light bulb that contains everything needed for Artificial Intelligence. It goes on sale in Japan this year. Think of a smart house linked with a number of these lights in different rooms, unobtrusively sitting there, waiting for your beck and call.

Sony's Multifunctional Light works like other smart lights. It can be automated or can be controlled with a smartphone. It has built-in Wi-Fi and a dedicated app. It also has a motion-detector, brightness meter, temperature and humidity sensors, an infrared sensor and a memory card slot, plus a built-in speaker and microphone. Wouldn't it be nice to control the temperature for the room you are in vs. the temperature down the hallway.

Not a stretch to think of adding smoke/gas detectors. Wouldn't it be also be great to have it speak in addition to smoke alarm and call the fire department and send pictures for you. I imagine it could turn itself on or off under any range of circumstances, like if someone comes into a dark room or leaves a room. Nice to have a built in intercom so you no longer need to yell upstairs to bring more beer and chips. How about being able to replace the baby monitor with a smart monitor or having it turn on in the morning along with the alarm clock. Think of it turning the stove off if your food is beginning to boil over. Add a fire extinguisher in the ceiling and it could selectively put out small fires at the source.

It is a step up to think of speaking to a light from clapping to turn on, along with telling it to dim a bit more. It could even be programmed to automatically dim when a TV is turned on. Easy to think of it as a replacement for the Amazon ECHO. Have a question, ask it out loud and the light will search the net and speak back with an answer.

I can also envision it to be programmed to know when you are away, so the motion detector will know that no one should be there and to turn on, give an audible alarm, and call the police, or just call the police with no alarm. Heck, a video camera could send a pic of the culprit to the police along with the call.

Devices need electricity, whether by battery or from the wall. Light bulbs are always plugged in directly and fixed, so no battery needed.

It would also be easy to take it with you and just change apps so it works in your cabin, camper, or hotel room. Ah, technology, how the mind wanders.