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Jul 3, 2015

Help With ToDo List

Need some help getting things done around the house so you have more time to play on July 4th? Crowdsourcing is great for getting things done through the power of crowds. TaskRabbit is an interesting site I recently found. It helps people to get others to do their chores. The most interesting thing about TaskRabbit is that you can pay someone to do chores you do not like or have time to do and you can also sign up to do tasks that you do like and have someone pay you. Think of it as like an Angie's List for smaller tasks. There are Taskrabbits in 19 cities so far and more are coming.

Typical tasks listed on the site include; clean your house, run your errands, clean your oven, build your IKEA furniture, hang your shelves, do your shopping, help with a party, and more. LINK

Feb 1, 2014

New Way to Achieve Goals

Came across an interesting idea this week. If you really want to accomplish something, the normal process is to set a goal by making it a TODO item, such as: 'Lose five pounds in one month'.

An alternative idea is to turn that goal into a question, such as, 'How can I lose five pounds in one month'? The ideas quickly come, because our mind needs to solve the puzzle we posed. People have a built in need to come up with an answer to a question. It has less need to accomplish a goal.

That question, "How can I drink more water?" might spark all kinds of follow-up questions and ideas. What if I connect drinking water to certain triggers, e.g. taking a swig of water every time I check my email? What if I put a desired amount of water in a bottle each day? The various what, if, and how questions may help you arrive at a concrete plan, instead of just a goal.