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Jul 9, 2010

Food by Weight

TRUE - Buying a dozen eggs in the UK could be a thing of the past, as a new European Union labeling law may soon kick in. The new rule from Brussels, decrees that you can no longer sell food by numbers.

Even promotional offers, such as eight chocolate bars for the price of six, might be banned by the legislation, according to trade magazine The Grocer.

For the first time, eggs and other products, such as bread rolls will be sold by weight instead of by the number contained. The new rules will mean that instead of the package listing it contains twelve eggs, it will show the weight in grams of the eggs inside, for example 672g.

Buns will show 400g inside instead of eight. The rules do not allow both the weight and the quantity to be displayed. Since rolls, eggs, and other items do not weigh exactly the same, each package must be individually weighed and individually labeled.

Needless to say, the food manufacturers, distributors, and consumers are violently opposed to the change. The politicians say it allows the consumers to make more informed choices.  Ah, more political wisdom in action. . .