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Oct 30, 2015

Weather Patterns

As we begin another change of season, the weather changes dramatically from day to day. Seems like many of us check the weather to see what to wear, should we take an umbrella, etc. The Weather Company owns the fourth-most used mobile app in the U.S., and their cloud handles 26 billion requests a day.

IBM just made a bid to buy the digital assets for a few billion dollars and will feed the info into Watson for even more analysis.  IBM said, "Weather is probably the single largest swing factor in business performance - it impacts 1/3 of the world's GDP and in the US alone; weather is responsible for about half a trillion dollars in impact." Next spring we might see a battle between Punxsutawney Phil and Watson.

Jan 23, 2015

Whether Weather

The National Weather Service is about to boost its computing power by more than tenfold, which officials hope will translate to better weather forecasts.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's two supercomputers will more than triple in computational ability this month January, 2015 and more than triple again by October, 2015. Computers will go from now being able to handle 426 trillion operations per second to 5,000 trillion calculations per second later in October, 2015.

NOAA chief Kathryn Sullivan, in a press release, said the computer boost, "Will lead to more timely, accurate, and reliable forecasts." It would be nice if some of the climaticogasmic scientists would upgrade their capabilities to predict, rather than just forecast.

Jan 2, 2015

Winter Weather

Highest temperature ever for South Pole Dec. 27, 1978  7.5f   –14c

Jul 18, 2014

Hot Weather Thoughts

While some of complain about heat, think of this: Lowest temperature recorded was in Vostok, Antartica July 21, 1983, –128.6f or –89.2C

Record breaking rainfall during 24 hours in Alvin, Texas, July 25–26, 1979 43inches or 109centimeters

The hottest temperature recorded was 134f or 56.7C at Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley California, July 10, 1913

Heaviest hail officially recorded: 2.25 pounds or 1.02 kg; Gopalganj District, Bangladesh, 14 April 1986.

Jul 13, 2011

Death Valley

In July 1913, the highest temperature ever recorded in the continental United States was 134 degrees which melted thermometers that day in Death Valley, California. I thought it was cooler before global warming started.

Oct 16, 2009

Warmest Year Ever

What is globally the warmest year on record? 1998. It has been cooler every year since then and many scientists are predicting it to continue. Seems that 98% of the earth's warmth comes from the sun, not man. Hmmm!