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Dec 22, 2017

Finally More Sun

On a brighter note, yesterday we celebrated the Winter Solstice Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 10:27 am in Dallas. Beginning today, Dec 22 we begin to gain more sunlight, 1 extra second to be exact. Tomorrow we get 3 more seconds and each day after that more seconds of sunlight.

At risk of starting a Twitter frenzy, THE END IS NEAR. Winter officially began yesterday, so we are now counting down to the end of winter. It will get colder before it gets warmer, but we get to enjoy more sunlight each day and that is a good thing.

By the end of December, we will be enjoying 10 hours and 2 minutes of sunshine. Yea! I can feel the seasonal stress disorder slipping away already. Now I understand why Christmas and New Year's are such festive occasions, more sunshine.

Mar 13, 2015

Brumal, Hibernal, and Hiemal

I am officially tired of brumal, hibernal and hiemal.
brumal - adj. wintry
hibernal - adj. of, pertaining to, or proper to winter
hiemal - adj. of or relating to winter

Am ready for Spring - The first day of spring this year is March 20, 2015. Starting in the 14th century, this time of year was called 'springing time' and then in the 15th century this was shortened to 'spring-time', and then further shortened in the 16th century to just 'spring'. The 14th century 'springing time' came about in reference to plants springing from the ground. Before those, the season was called 'Lent' in Old English.