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May 29, 2017


Your lips do not touch when you say "touch," but they do when you say "apart."

Mar 19, 2010


You may choose your word like a connoisseur,
And polish it up with art,
But the word that sways, and stirs, and stays,
Is the word that comes from the heart.

Sep 8, 2009


The origin of the word scuttlebutt, which is nautical parlance for a rumor, comes from a combination of 'scuttle' - to make a hole in the ship's hull and thereby causing her to sink - and 'butt' - a cask used in the days of wooden ships to hold drinking water (or wine). The cask from which the ship's crew took their drinking water, like a water fountain, was the "scuttlebutt".

Even in today's Navy a drinking fountain is referred to as such. Since the crew used to congregate around the scuttlebutt, that is where the rumors about the ship or voyage would begin. Thus, rumors are 'talk from the scuttlebutt' or just 'scuttlebutt'. That reminds me. Did I tell you what Tom said. . .

Jun 27, 2009

How Much is a Trillion

If you counted 24 hours a day, it would take 31,688 years to reach one trillion.


The word 'Checkmate' in chess comes from the Persian phrase 'Shah Mat,' which means 'the king is dead'.


The only nation who's name begins with an 'A' , but doesn't end in an 'A' is Afghanistan.