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Jan 26, 2010

Free ebooks

For you book readers in the crowd, here is a web site that has a bunch of sources for free ebooks. LINK

Jan 7, 2010

Ebook Reader

This is a picture of a new ebook reader from Plastic Logic to be announced at CES this month. Looks like it is about as thick as a cover from a real book.

Another ebook reader, Skiff will be announced this week, also. It is 9 x 11 and is .268 inches thick. It also is bendable, with stainless steel substrate, instead of glass. Prices have not been announced yet, but will likely be in line with the other readers. Awesome technology.

Look for a spate of new readers this year and don't be surprised when your school age children call home and request one, so they do not have to lug around their backpack stuffed with paper books. A number of school book publishers are already making text books available for the readers.