Jan 13, 2017

Idle Thought

Politicians have the unique ability to believe they are the one in seven billion people, rather than just one of seven billion people.

Jan 6, 2017

Happy Friday

Happy roads are created by happy feet.

Wake up and be happy, especially on a Happy Friday!

Wordology, Old Chestnut

An 'old chestnut' is another way of saying a joke is old or stale. The origin appears to be eating roasted chestnuts at the fireside while listening to old stories.

The Broken Sword, was a melodrama by William Dimond (1816) in which one of the characters, Captain Xavier, is forever telling the same jokes, over and over, with slight variations. As he repeats a certain joke involving a cork tree, he is corrected. The man says, "A chestnut. I have heard you tell the joke twenty-seven times, and I am sure it was a chestnut."

Clear Cookies, Cache

Hey, it is a new year, why not get a head start on some Spring cleaning. Does your web surfing seem to slow down? Are the pages loading a bit slower lately? Maybe it is time to clear the clutter. Every so often we need to remove the crap that browsers and web sites deposit onto our computers. There are programs, like 'CCleaner' to do this for your entire computer, but below is an easy and quick way to clean up just your browser.

Cookies and cache are supposed to help make web surfing and streaming experience better, but as they accumulate, they also bog things down. A quick way to freshen up your browser is by clearing the browsing data, such as cookies, cache, history, etc. If you save passwords, be careful to uncheck that box, or you will be doing a bunch of typing as you get back into those sites.

Here is how to clean up:
    Launch your Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc),
    Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete at the same time,
    Select the items you would like to clear, at least cache and cookies,
    Select the Delete or Clear button, depending on your browser type,
    Close and re-start your browser and try streaming again.

Things should be much quicker for a while.

What's in a Name, Pineapple

Pine cones used to be called pineapples and pineapples got the name because they resembled pine cones.
Originally, the word pineapple in English was first recorded in 1398, when it was used to describe the reproductive organs of conifer trees (now called pine cones).

When European explorers discovered the tropical fruit in the Americas, they called them pineapples, because they resembled pine cones (with the original name). Most European countries eventually adapted, and still use the name ananas, which came from the Tupi word nanas (also meaning pineapple).

Incidentally, The pineapple “fruit” is not really a fruit, but is a mass of individual berries fused to the central stalk. This is why the “fruit” has leaves on top. They are actually the continued growth of the stalk beyond where the berries are attached. Pineapples are not grown from seed.

Utility Blades

Many of us have those little utility knives with multiple snap off blade pieces, so we can break them when the blade gets dull. The problem is trying to snap a bit of blade with pliers, tapping with a hammer, using a rag or other protective material.

If you look close, a good number of those products have a removable tip at the other end that is to be used to snap off the blade. Pop off the tip, insert the blade into it and snap. Wow, easy.

Spacebar Scrollbar

You know you can scroll down a web page by holding down the spacebar. By holding the shift key and pressing the spacebar you can scroll back up.

Smile, this is the beginning of a great new year


NCIS during 2016 had about 18 minutes of ads for every 1 hour episode. During 2003 NCIS had about 16 minutes of ads per episode.

Those extra few minutes over a 23-episode season add up to an additional 46 minutes of ads. If you watched a typical 23-episode season of NCIS today you would watch about 414 minutes worth of ads or almost 7 hours.