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Apr 20, 2012

Every Day Billions

Here are billions of things that happen every day.
5 Billion times: the +1 Google button is served (as of October 2011).
4 Billion views: YouTube video views (as of Jan. 23, 2012)
3.6 Billion dollars: dollar increase of the U.S. national debt.
2.7 Billion likes: Facebook “likes” and comments (as of last quarter 2011).
1.7 Billion drinks: servings of Coca-Cola or branded Coke products.
1 Billion searches: Google searches (as of March 2011).
1 Billion buyers: Number of people who have not bought any of my books, but should.

Nov 26, 2011

Recruiting With Bacon

Another reason why I love Google. This week, it set up tables outside of Amazon headquarters to recruit new employees.  It hired the ad agency Wexley School for Girls to find a solution.

They set up a food cart outside of’s headquarters and invited workers there to have some free bacon. A bunch of bacon lovers braved the rain for free strips of pepper bacon. They also had toppings of spray cheese, peanut butter, maple syrup and chocolate sauce.  Serious candidates can even get a bacon air freshener. How can you not appreciate the unique way to steal employees.

Jun 28, 2011

An Internet Minute

You probably have heard the expression, 'A New York Minute' meaning fast. Here is an 'Internet Minute'. Forgive me because this is a bit long, but thought it might be interesting to show what happens on the internet, every minute of every day. You may not understand all of the terms, but a look at the numbers shows an astounding amount of activity every minute.

According to Shanghai Web Designers, on average, this is what transpires every sixty seconds on the Web.

- Search engine Google answers more that 694,445 queries
- 6,600+ pictures are uploaded to Flickr
- 600 videos, equal to 25 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube
- 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are published on Facebook
- 70 new domains are registered (web sites)
- More than 168 million emails are sent
- 320 new accounts and 98,000 tweets are generated on Twitter
- Thirteen thousand  iPhone applications are downloaded
- 20,000 new posts are published on Tumblr
- FireFox web browser is downloaded more than 1,700 times
- 100 accounts are created on LinkedIn
- 40 new questions are asked on
- 100+ questions are asked on
- 1 new article is published on Associated Content
- 1 new definition is added on
- 1,200+ new ads are created on Craigslist
- 370,000+ minutes of voice calls done by Skype (phone alternative) users

Yep, all this activity every minute of every day and some of the content is actually useful and interesting. Now, aren't you glad you only have to deal with my Friday Thoughts summary from all that activity.

Apr 30, 2010

Google Truth

You have probably heard that the Library of Congress is to archive every single public tweet ever made. There are about 55 million tweets sent every day.

Google also revealed how it is going to make the Twitter archive searchable for users. Google unveiled a replay feature that lets users search tweets posted at any given point in time right down to the minute.

Anyone wanting to know what people tweeted about on say the Haiti earthquake or the Oscars can type into the Google search box, select "show options" on the result page and then click "updates". A timeline will appear above the results allowing you to zoom in on tweets by the hour or minute.

Google says, "We think this is pretty significant because up until now the discussion has been about what is happening now and with today's replay button people will be able to go back and see what people were actually talking about around big events."

Currently the replay feature will only cover the last two months of tweets. Google said later this year it hopes to cover the entire archive all the way back to March 2006.

Oct 13, 2009

What's in a Name, Sparky

The 1920s comic strip, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, strip gave us the nickname "Sparky," from the name of Barney's horse, Sparkplug.

Billy DeBeck wrote the strip about a community of backwoods hillbillies and moonshiners. In a 1923 strip Barney tells someone to, "Get that stupid look offa your pan. You gimme the heeby jeebys!" It meant, 'a feeling of discomfort'.

Other phrases coined by DeBeck: 'horsefeathers', 'hotsie-totsie', and 'googly-eyed' after Barney Google, who had huge, bulbous eyes.

Peanuts creator Charles Schulz was nicknamed Sparky - and that ain't no horsefeathers.