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Oct 19, 2018

Carat vs. Caret vs. Karat vs. Carrot

A carat is a unit of weight for diamonds, other gemstones, and pearls. One carat equals 200 milligrams (0.200 grams).

A caret is a proofreader's mark showing where something needs to be inserted in a document. It shaped like a tiny pitched roof ^.

A karat is a measure of purity when referring to gold. You may have seen different types of jewelry referred to as 14-karat gold or 18-karat gold. Pure gold is known as 24-karat gold. Gold is a fairly soft metal, so it is not often used to make jewelry. Jewelry made of pure gold can be easily bent and scratched, so gold is often mixed with other metals, such as copper or silver, to form an alloy that can be used to make jewelry. A karat is equal to 1/24 pure gold, so an 18-karat gold ring would be made with 18 parts gold and 6 parts of another metal.

The orange vegetable carrot,
that grows down into the ground is completely unrelated.

Sep 4, 2015

V8 Juice Ingredients

The eight juices in V8 are tomato, spinach, celery, carrot, beet, lettuce, watercress, and parsley.