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Oct 11, 2013

New Toothbrush

It has been a long time since toothbrushes have changed. This interesting personally tailored brush, called the Blizzident is 3D printed to order and claims to clean your teeth in six seconds. The Company does have FDA approval for materials and production, but toothbrushes are FDA Class 1 devices and therefore generally do not need an FDA approval.

It looks almost like a set of dentures and has 400 bristles in a mold of a person's mouth. By biting down on the mouthpiece and grinding on it, the 45-degree angled bristles are supposed to clean your teeth in six seconds.

There are also inter-dental bristles that get between teeth. The Blizzident comes with slits where dental floss can be inserted to clean between teeth and the handle has a container for the dental floss. In the middle there is also a tongue scraper and brush so you clean your tongue at the same time.

The toothbrush is tailored to a person's mouth through either a dental impression or a dental scan performed by a dentist. The 3D scan can be uploaded to Blizzident's site, where it is used to make the toothbrush with a 3D printer. The first Blizzident brush costs $299 and recommended annual replacement brushes sell for $159. The company also offers to refurbish a brush by replacing the bristles for $89. Here is a LINK to the site. Wow, personally tailored low tech and high tech in one package.

Apr 27, 2010

Vegan Dental Floss

Yes, that's correct. Dental floss with "no mint and has a natural Cinnamon Flavor and it is completely free of all animal source ingredients" is being pushed by at least one company.

Use of dental floss with waxed silken thread came about in about 1819, but the use of dental floss was not common because silken thread was too expensive. During World War II, Dupont began using nylon and it replaced silk as the new material for many products, including dental floss. Of course, there are resin-coated nylon and teflon coated floss, but they do not use animal parts either.  Not sure what kind of  "animal source ingredients"   are found in synthetic materials..