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Nov 20, 2015

Holiday and Booze Myths

Drink dark liquor and get a hangover, drink light and you are good all night. Congeners are in alcoholic beverages, mostly as a result of the processes used in fermenting and aging, or are leached from oak barrels. They are toxins such as acetone, histamines, and tannins. Although they are only slightly toxic in the small amounts found in booze, some believe congeners are to blame for typical hangover symptoms. Gin and vodka have the least congeners while bourbon and scotch have the most as dark liquors have more than clear ones in general. However, the biggest determinant of getting hung-over is alcohol intoxication, not dark vs. light drinks.

The old saying: “Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” People tend to down liquor but sip beer. As such, drinking liquor first might do more damage because of greater speed of drinking. The one truth in this adage is that if you drink much beer before drinking much liquor, you very well could get sick. The truth is that it is more about how much you drink than the order you drink it. If you drink enough, you will probably get sick either way.

Jul 10, 2015

Lesser Known July Holidays

July 11, Bowdler's Day - This day honors the prude namesake of the word bowdlerize. English doctor Thomas Bowdler quit his job to focus on expunging from Shakespeare all lewd and indecent references. His version, Family Shakespeare, came out in 1818.

July 12, Night of Nights - On July 12, 1999, the US closed commercial Morse operations, but every year since, on that anniversary, the Maritime Radio Historical Society commemorates maritime radio by bringing stations KPH, KSM, and KFS back on the air for one night. Other existing radio stations participate with related content.

July 13, International Town Crier's Day - This holiday, celebrated annually on the second Monday in July, is a chance to honor the lost art of speaking loudly and starting proclamations with "Hear ye, hear ye!" in celebration of the ancient practice of town crying. Now Facebook is used much the same way.

July 15, Saint Swithin's Day - Swithin was the Bishop of Winchester in the 800s. Many years after his death, his relics were transferred to the Winchester Cathedral on July 15, 971, a day which had heavy rains there. Since then, the belief has been that if it rains on this day, it will continue to rain for 40 more days.

July 17, Yellow Pig Day - This is a Princeton mathematician's holiday celebrating yellow pigs and the number 17.  It is celebrated annually since the early 1960's, primarily on college campuses, and primarily by mathematicians. On campus, Yellow Pig Cake and Yellow Pig Carols are tradition!

July 19, National Ice Cream Day - Sundae Sunday, annually the third Sunday in July.

July 22, Spooner's Day - Reverend William Archibald Spooner was a scholar and the warden of New College at Oxford. He also had a habit of transposing the first letter of certain words. It is from his frequent, funny slips of the tongue that we get the word 'spoonerism'. Examples: a blushing crow    a crushing blow, tons of soil    sons of toil, our queer old Dean    our dear old Queen, we'll have the hags flung out    we'll have the flags hung out.

July 24, National Tell an Old Joke Day - Mary Rose sat on a pin. Mary rose!

July 30, National Chili Dog Day - Celebrated on the last Thursday in July.

Nov 16, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Next Thursday November 22 is Thanksgiving this year. Hope you have a great Holiday!

Another November Holiday

The day after Thanksgiving this year, November 23rd is National Day of Listening.

It is sponsored by oral history nonprofit StoryCorps. This year’s National Day of Listening honors teachers. The organization has asked everyone to participate by taking a few minutes to thank a teacher. Other ways to commemorate National Day of Listening is by recording interviews in veteran’s hospitals, senior centers, homeless shelters, and other community centers.

Nov 6, 2012

More November Holidays

Here are a few more November Holidays that you might want to celebrate.
November 13th brings us 'World Kindness Day' founded in 1998 by an organization called the World Kindness Movement, this international holiday encourages everyone to look deep into their hearts past religion, race, and other differences to do something nice for their neighbors and/or humankind.

This followed on November 15th with 'Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day'. It was probably started as a way to make room to stock up on Thanksgiving goodies. November 15th also shares the spotlight with 'I love to Write Day'. I will refrain from writing about the things I find growing in my refrigerator.