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Aug 1, 2014

Stores Meet Iternet

Home improvement giant Lowe’s just bought 42,000 handheld point of sales devices for its 1700+ outlets. Its competitor Home Depot spent $64 million placing 30,000+ of its First Phone Motorola mobile devices. Nordstroms has 6,000 devices. Urban Outfitters and Pacific Sun are following. Mobile and tablet technology is changing the way we shop.

Smaller businesses use Square, a free tiny box like card reader that plugs into smart phones or pads to transform them into registers on the go. In fact, there are a host of other companies offering ways for stores and vendors to capture sales without using a cash register. Great for those who have small stores or do kiosk type shows to now accept credit cards and sales with little expense and no hassle.

Major chains like Whole Foods Market, Gap, Patagonia, Sears, and Kmart are now using mobile devices to email receipts to customers instead of handing them paper. Of course, they are also tacking on email alerts and advertisements, which may explain why only about one third of customers are opting in. Customers can now try and buy in the store and have stuff shipped home for free. Better than lugging it around the mall as they continue shopping.

Amazing how, in a few generations telephones, cash registers, typewriters, incandescent light bulbs, etc., once revolutionary, have already become obsolete. For techies in the crowd, the Singularity has begun.

Jul 19, 2013


This new spray from Rustoleum  promises to make any surface impervious to water and other liquids. It is called a super hydrophobic coating, developed by Ross Nanotechnology and marketed by Rustoleum.

Check this LINK for a demo and you will be impressed. I saw another demo that included a smart phone which was sprayed, placed in a bowl of water, and came out unharmed. A disclaimer says it is not intended for electronic devices or clothing, but ads show its use on these items.

This is not late night infomercial, but a real product you can get at Home Depot or Amazon (more stores coming soon). Oh, $19.95 for the two step spray on process, which covers about 15 square feet. Not a panacea as the ads portray and a coating does not last forever, but a very good product. Am thinking back yard seat cushions are a perfect application. Cool Stuff.