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Sep 6, 2019

International Bacon Day

Happy Bacon Day! August 31, 2019

I would be remiss if I forgot this wonderful day. It is always celebrated on the Saturday before the US Labor Day Holiday.

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Aug 31, 2018

International Bacon Day

Yea, it is almost here again. The celebrations are held each year on the Saturday before Labor Day in the United States. That is tomorrow folks, enjoy some bacon and do not forget to save the grease for cooking other things, like popcorn, eggs, and more to tantalize your taste buds.

Sep 2, 2016

International Bacon Day

Well, it is that time of year again when we get to celebrate something we all enjoy - BACON. Tomorrow, the Saturday before Labor Day we celebrate International Bacon Day.

Sep 4, 2015

Happy International Bacon Day

International Bacon Day or Bacon Day is an unofficial observance held on the Saturday (Tomorrow, Sep 5, 2015) before Labor Day in the United States. Last year Bacon Day was celebrated in the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, and the UK.

Some groups also celebrate National Bacon Day on December 30. Bacon day celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing large quantities of bacon, including bacon-themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and drinks. Yes, I unapologetically celebrate both, because bacon deserves more than one holiday per year.

Aug 28, 2015

Google Birthday

Next week September 5, 2015, Google will celebrate its 17th birthday. Seems like the company has been around much longer. It is worth about US $367Billion. In such a few short years, it has profoundly changed the internet and the world. How appropriate to celebrate a birthday on International Bacon Day - Both are ubiquitous.

Aug 30, 2014

International Bacon Day

August 30th, 2014 is International Bacon Day. (Homer Simpson: I’ll have the smiley face breakfast special. Uhh, but could you add a bacon nose? Plus bacon hair, bacon mustache, five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits and a bacon body. Waitress: How about I just shove a pig down your throat? (Homer looks excited) Waitress: I was kidding. Homer: Fine, but the bacon man lives in a bacon house.) Enjoy!

More Egg Facts

Since it is the day before International Bacon Day, thought it would be appropriate to discuss eggs. Hens lay eggs whether they have mated with a rooster or not. Eggs produced without help from a rooster will never become a chicken. These become our breakfast eggs.

A hen must mate with a rooster in order for her egg to contain both the male and female genetic material necessary to create an embryo inside the egg. An egg laid after mating may or may not become a chicken.

Chickens develop only from eggs that have been incubated (heated). When a fertile egg is incubated under precise, steady temperatures and humidity levels for 21 days, a chick may be developed.

A fertile egg that is never incubated will never contain an embryo and will never look like anything other than common breakfast food. In fact, we all likely have eaten fertilized eggs. There is no harm and we cannot tell the difference between fertilized and unfertilized eggs, unless the fertilized eggs have been properly incubated. There is no difference in look, taste, or nutritional value between fertilized and unfertilized eggs. All foods, including eggs go well with bacon.

Aug 15, 2014

Bacon Fueled Motorcycle

Hormel created a motorcycle that is fueled by bacon grease and is sending it on a journey from Minnesota to the San Diego Bacon Fest just in time for International Bacon Day, August 30, 2014. Should be some interesting exhaust fumes coming from the bike.

Aug 30, 2013

International Bacon Day

Bacon Day is an official observance held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the United States. (Labor Day is traditionally the first Monday of September). This year is it celebrated August 31. The first Annual Bacon Day was held about 2005. It's celebrated by having a bacon party and eating bacon in every way imaginable.

Did you know that bacon is a cut of meat taken from the sides, belly, or back of a pig, then cured, smoked, or both? Meat from other animals, such as cow, lamb, chicken, goat, or turkey, may also be cut, cured, or otherwise prepared to resemble bacon, and may even be referred to as "bacon" too, although this is just wrong.

Wikipedia says "Bacon Day is the traditional day on which bacon lovers express bacon mania. This is typically exhibited during social gatherings during which participants create and consume creative dishes containing bacon, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. All are welcome at a standard Bacon Day celebration, even vegetarians, with consumption of soy bacon or turkey bacon encouraged for inclusiveness."

Last year Bacon Day was celebrated in the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, the UK, and more.