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Sep 21, 2012

Print a Book While You Wait

Here is a concept that has been bubbling for a while and might be soon at a store near you. On Demand company has signed an agreement with Kodak that could make CVS, and other retailers into instant bookstore as well.

On Demand Books said it hopes to begin wrapping its Espresso Book Machine into Kodak's retailer-based photo kiosks. The unit can print, bind, and trim a softbound book within a couple of minutes. By adding in Kodak picture kiosks, the Espresso would also be able to turn out other photo-related merchandise like photo books. No word on pricing, but this is great technology.

Jun 8, 2011

What's in a Name

George Eastman, a high school dropout and the founder of Kodak loved the letter "K."  He tested several combinations of words starting and ending with "K" while trying to come up with a name for his camera and film company name. Kodak was registered as a trademark in 1888 and the Eastman Kodak company was founded in 1892. Eastman believed the right name would be memorable, would not resemble anything else, and could not be mispronounced. He decided it must have the letter "K" because he believed the letter was strong and incisive. It was the first company to put its name and look into a symbol.

He started out making glass photographic plates and moved into paper film, then to make a camera, "As convenient as a pencil" so he could sell the film. The original building where he started is still part of the world headquarters in Rochester, New York. A maze of buildings, spanning blocks, that are all connected to each other. I became lost in those buildings more than a few times while consulting with Kodak.

Sep 17, 2010

Septembers Past

September 4, 1888 -
George Eastman patented his first rollfilm camera and registers "Kodak" in September 1888. Also in September, Ford introduce the Edsel in 1957.