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Sep 13, 2013

Taco Bell Meat

Taco Bell says its meat is 88% beef.  Other ingredients include water to keep it juicy and moist (3%). Mexican spices and flavors, including salt, chili pepper, onion powder, tomato powder, sugar, garlic powder, and cocoa powder (4%). The rest is oats, caramelized sugar, yeast, citric acid, and other ingredients (5%).

Dec 27, 2012

What I Did Not Get For Christmas

This one is sure to give you borborygmus. It is a name-brand scent in a little bottle that was introduced in December 2012.

Pizza Hut Inc. in Canada came out with a limited edition bottle of Pizza Hut perfume, probably to advertise the chain’s sense of humor.

The perfume is supposed to recreate the smell of a box of Pizza Hut being opened, with top notes of freshly baked dough, according to the company. Pizza hut is owned by Yum Brands, which also owns KFC and Taco Bell among others.

Oct 14, 2011

Fast Food Surprise

Many of us suffer the guilty (not me) pleasures of enjoying fast food. Some try to make up for it by buying the wonderfully healthy salads that have been added to the menus for those trying to watch diets. However, many fail to watch the real facts. For men, you can feel vindicated that meat is better for us.

Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad has more fat, sugar, carbs, and total calories than a quarter pound Wendy's Double Stack cheeseburger. No wonder they taste so good.

McDonald's Double Cheeseburger has less calories, less sugar, less sodium  as the Asian Chicken Salad w/Crispy Chicken and Newman's Own (Low Fat) Sesame Ginger Dressing.

Taco Bell Fiesta Taco Salad has more calories, more carbs, more sugar more fat than a chicken grilled stuffed burrito.

Wendy's Garden Sensations Mandarin Chicken Salad has more sugar than 8 ounce Coke.

Burger King's Tendercrisp salad has 210 more calories than a Whopper Jr.

Mar 16, 2010

Foods From the Fifties

Did you ever wonder how long some things have been around?
Sugar Pops (Kelloggs)
Minute Rice (General Foods)
Lawry's Seasoned Salt (Lawry's)
Dunkin' Doughnuts (fast food chain)

Ore-Ida Foods (frozen potato products)
Duncan Hines Cake Mix (Nebraska Consolidated Mills)
Tropicana Products (Florida orange juice)
Jack-in-the-Box (fast food chain restaurant)
Taco Bell (fast food mexican restaurant)

No-Cal Ginger Ale (Kirsch Beverages)
Sugar Frosted Flakes (Kellogg's)
Non-dairy creamer (M & R. Dietetic Laboratories)
Dehydrated onion soup mix (Lipton)
Ms. Paul's Fish Sticks

Jan 22, 2010

Glen Bell Jr.

Glen Bell Jr., an entrepreneur best known as the founder of the Taco Bell chain, died this week. He was 86. Bell died Sunday at his home in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.  He started Taco Bell in California in 1962. He sold his 868 Taco Bell restaurants to PepsiCo for $125 million in stock, in 1978.

Taco Bell is now owned by Yum Brands and is the largest Mexican fast-food chain in the nation, serving more than 36.8 million consumers each week in more than 5,600 U.S. locations.

Jan 13, 2010

Fifty Years Ago

As we approach the new decade, let's look back at the decade of the 1960s to see the grand food things that were invented then.

1960, Coffee Rich, aluminum cans used for food and beverages, Domino's Pizza, Granny Smith apples introduced to the USA, and single-serving ketchup packets.

1961 Total breakfast cereal, Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup, Green Giant frozen peas, Sprite, Coffee-Mate, Hardee's

Frozen bread dough, Pet-Ritz Frozen Pie Crusts, Diet-Rite Cola, tab-opening aluminum cans for soft drinks, Taco Bell

Tab soda, Wundra flour, Cremora

Pop-Tarts, Buffalo Wings (Anchor Bar, Buffalo NY), Coca cola in cans, Ruffles potato chips, Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, Bugles, Chiffon Margarine, Seven Seas Salad Dressing, Yoplait Yogurt, Awake synthetic orange juice, Maxim freeze-dried instant coffee, Carnation Instant Breakfast

Shake 'n Bake, Cool Whip, Tang, Rock Cornish game hens, Apple Jacks breakfast cereal, SpaghettiOs, Cranapple Fruit Juice, Gatorade, Diet Pepsi

Bac'Os, Product 19 breakfast cereal, $100,000 candy bar, Caravelle candy bar, Taster's Choice freeze dried coffee, Doritos, instant oatmeal, Easy Cheese

Lawry's Taco Seasoning Mix

Red Lobster restaurants, Legal Seafoods restaurants

Chunky Soups, Kaboom breakfast cereal, Frosted Mini-Wheats breakfast cereal, Chipos snack food, Pringles potato snacks, Wendy's restaurants, Long John Silver's Fish 'n Chips restaurants