Oct 5, 2018

Happy World Smile Day and More

It is celebrated each year on the first Friday in October. Did you notice smile day is always celebrated on a Happy Friday. Do it! Smile. You will make yourself and all around you happier.
Also October 5 is Rocky Mountain Oyster Day (bull testicles) and Apple Betty Day (also known as apple pan dowdy and apple crisp). Amarillo, Texas, Vinita, Oklahoma, and other cities annually claim to have the World’s Largest Calf Fry Cook-Off, where cooks compete in the art of frying bull testicles. A busy day to make us all smile and be glad we are not bulls.

Tomorrow, October 6 is German American Day. It commemorates the founding of Germantown, Pa. in 1683. The holiday celebrates America's largest ethnic group, with 50 million people of German heritage.

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