Oct 5, 2018

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

The YouTube video and window must be active for the following to work.
Play and pause a video - Press the spacebar or the 'k' key on your keyboard. Holding down either of these keys also plays the video in slow motion.
Jump to start of a video - Press the 0 (zero) or home key on your keyboard.
Jump to the end of a video or go to the next video - Press the end key on your keyboard. If you are playing a playlist, it goes to the next video in the playlist.
Fast forward or rewind - Press the left or right arrow keys. If you need to jump more than five seconds hold down the Ctrl key and press the arrow key for the direction you want to jump in ten second increments.

Skip to video sections - Pressing the number keys from 1 to 9 jumps to that percentage of the video, one jumps to 10%, etc.

Make the video full-screen or normal - Press 'f' on the keyboard. Pressing Esc exits full-screen mode.

Turn up and down the volume - Press the up or down arrow keys. Pressing 'm' on the keyboard also mutes and unmutes the volume.

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